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Tue, 13 Dec


Markus Etola, cultural activist

Make Europe Great Again Vol 1. #MEGA

The award-winning Make Europe Great Again is possibly the only Finnish fully privately produced documentary film. It tells about the future of Europe in the words and pictures of generation y. The documentary film travels around Europe in search of a new vision for Europe.

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Make Europe Great Again Vol 1. #MEGA
Make Europe Great Again Vol 1. #MEGA

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13 Dec 2022, 17:00

Markus Etola, cultural activist


Europe has achieved all the big visions, peace, free trade, free movement, common currency, study opportunities in other European countries, etc...

However, throughout the second millennium, Europe has drifted forward without a grand vision. Now Europe is perhaps facing its biggest challenge since its foundation. It's time to be inspired by Europe and the people who live there. The young people appearing in the film represent different fields and share their views and visions. At the same time, the film crew's progress around Europe is monitored. The goal of the film is to inspire people.

The film has been made by a group of about 50 people from seven different countries. The first test shoots were shot in 2011 in Ukraine. The actual filming was filmed in 2013. The filming lasted 55 days, the documentary film was filmed in: Finland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Holland and Switzerland.  The last shots were shot in the spring of 2018 in Alavudi in South Ostrobothnia.

The film was produced by Ilkka Tiainen (Ike Novikoff), Olga Novikova and Jani Pomell.

The film was edited by Kim Finn.

The film is Ike Novikoff's first long documentary, before this Novikoff has produced commercials for e.g. for communities and private companies. In addition, Novikoff has produced Good News from Africa for the Good TV channel.

Documentary film promotes a new direction that deliberately focuses on positive, educational and inspiring content.

In January 2019, the film won the Jury Prize at the Amsterdam ARFF Documentary Film Festival and in October 2019 the bronze statue at the Latitude Film Festival.


Free entry. The film is offered by Markus Etola, a multi-talent in culture. In cooperation with the Savonlinna kultuturikellerari ry.

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