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Venue Manager


We are looking for a venue manager/temporary manager who is interested in the development of Savonlinna's cultural activities for an indefinite employment relationship with Kulttuurikellari (trial period 6 months). The work is part-time (70%) and starts according to the contract. It is possible to expand the job description with the help of various development projects that can be applied for, etc.


We expect the employee to:

- passion for culture and art

- experience in development work

- experience in financial management

- ability to work independently

- organizational skills

- social skills

- networking ability

- sufficient experience or education in cultural or creative fields.


We also value:

- understanding the value of community

- knowledge of event production

- wide-ranging cultural networks

- entrepreneurial spirit.


Job duties include:

- Development and coordination of activities in accordance with the vision and strategy of Kultuurikelari

- development and coordination of event activities, space needs and volunteer activities

- acting as a supervisor for other employees

- administrative tasks, such as documenting and archiving activities, investigating funding opportunities, applying for grants and reporting, together with the association's board

- possible other negotiable tasks. 


It is possible to shape the tasks according to the skills and wishes of the selected person. During the spring of 2023, Kulttuurikellari is also looking for an expert in marketing and communication to work as a venue manager.


The venue manager coordinates and develops the activities and events of Kulttuurikellari. The job requires presence at Kulttuurikeller and commitment and adaptation to irregular working hours. The work is done in an inspiring work environment, in cooperation with several different cultural actors and in close cooperation with other employees and Kellar's restaurant. As a venue manager, you are responsible for Kulttuurikellar's profile and work for a more lively Savonlinna.

Salary: 1,900 € / month (70%, 2,700 € / month), in addition, the possibility of a commission fee for the events produced by the venue manager for Kulttuurikellari.


Submit a free-form application 

with CVs by 16:00 on 2 January 2023 

to The interviews will be held in weeks 1-2.


More information

Veera Kolehmainen, vice president

044 799 1102 / Savonlinna Kulttuurikellari ry

Matti Makkonen, phone number 0400 516 429

Savonlinna's Kulttuurikellari is the common cultural home of the entire city. It speaks for numerous different cultural actors and brings them together. Kulttuurikellari is also a home for performing artists and creative industry professionals visiting Savonlinna.


The goal of Kultuurikelari is to be a unique and memorable place where a personal touch is visible. The purpose is to be both locally loved and nationally recognized, a low-threshold cultural club.


With its existence, Kulttuurikellari strengthens Savonlinna's importance as a cultural city, at the same time attracting professionals in the creative field to the area and also improving the working and collaboration opportunities of performing artists.


The most important values for the culture cellar are community spirit, humanity and uniqueness.

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