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to 26. lokak.


V Suruton Festivaali

Sarah Murcia Eyeballing (FRA)

Sarah Murcia - vocals, double bass, bass synth Benoît Delbecq - piano, e-drum, keyboards, electronics Olivier Py - saxophone Francois Thuillier - tuba Liput 20 €/18 € ennakkoon ja ovelta puoli tuntia ennen.

Takaisin etusivulle
Sarah Murcia Eyeballing (FRA)
Sarah Murcia Eyeballing (FRA)

Tapahtuman järjestää

26. lokak. klo 19.00 – 21.00

V Suruton Festivaali, Olavin Jazz


Sarah Murcia, double bass player, singer, pianist, composer, producer, is a Paris-based musician with insolence and salutary pertinence, her heart rooted in fertile, dancing and wayward beats - an exception to the flavours of the month.  

She dreamt of this new album, and was able to record it in Paris under the wings of producer Steve Argüelles. Dreaming of a tuba and songs, instrumentals, and lyrics by the American writer Vic Moan (who moved to Paris in the 80's) and a song by Denis Scheubel too, finding its place in the middle of the album.  Eyeballing and Sarah Murcia brings together the tuba player François Thuillier, a soloist as though he arrived from an outlying galaxy inhabited by fearless virtuosos, and two regulars acolytes of Sarah Murcia, Olivier Py, a saxophonist with an incandescent sound and an infinite imagination, and finally the pianist Benoît Delbecq who manifests a playful and skilful joy playing his e-drums set-up that makes him the band drummer.  

Liput 20 €/18 € ennakkoon ja ovelta puoli tuntia ennen.  

Järjestää: V Suruton Festivaali (Nova Records) & Olavin Jazz. 

Yhteistyössä: Savonlinnan Kulttuurikellari, Vapaat äänet.   


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