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Fri, 20 Jan


Olav's Jazz Association

Olav's Jazz – Aino & Miihkali

Aino Ruotanen (kantele) and Miihkali Jaatinen (guitar and banjo). The Maailmanfatkaaja duo's influences come from near and far, and the stories of the songs look at the world and life along the way.

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Olav's Jazz – Aino & Miihkali
Olav's Jazz – Aino & Miihkali

Tapahtuman järjestää

20 Jan 2023, 19:00

Olav's Jazz Association


Aino Ruotanen's kantele grooves and Miihkali Jaatinen's virtuoso guitar and banjo playing take you to an imaginative world where strings rattle and rhythms are not spared. Kantele's live looping creates frames for the duo's songs, which are colored by songs and improvisations.

Tickets €20/€18 at the door half an hour before and in advance

Aino & Miihkali started their activities in 2017 by gigging in Denmark, and in 2018 they performed diligently in Finland on their "Outside Box" tour, which included 28 concerts, and released their first single "Siri's Runaway". The band's debut album was released in August 2019 and has received positive reviews and radio airplay around the world. 

In 2022, Aino & Miihkali headed their tour to Germany and released their new single "Akileijat", which also features top drummer Anssi Nykä as a guest. Over the years, the members of the duo have been involved in many musical adventures, e.g. in bands: Uniruukki, Afrotysonia, Paleface & Concerned Citizens and Hullut Hattuset. In recent years, the duo has also performed together with Paleface, e.g. In Ylen's Half Seven program in December 2021.

"The duo's music is interesting to listen to and watch; the listener gets to follow the construction of the songs' versatile live-looped comps, and how the funniest percussions can be found in the kantele. The playing together is intense and takes the listener along to stories where they are on a bicycle trip in small Danish villages, hunting for Siri who has escaped from the iPhone, and looking for and find peace of mind."

The event is organized by: Olavin Jazz association. In cooperation with: Finnish Folk Music Association, Nova Records Oy / Suruton Festival & Savonlinna Kulttuurikellari.






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