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Memo list to the organizer of the event


  • Confirm the space reservation no later than 30 days before the event.

  • Send us material related to the event, such as pictures and introductory texts, to as early as possible. Also bring us some event posters and flyers - we will display them on the spot.

  • Can your event be found in local newspapers? Have you taken care of distributing the posters? 

  • Do you have a ticket agent?

  • Sound reproduction needs, lighting technology - Do you need someone to help you?

  • Grand piano tuning

  • Teosto licenses for music performance and background music

  • Find out with us the necessity of policing, notify also if you bring your own policing

  • In principle, the presentations must end in the hall no later than 21:30

  • When you leave, turn off the stage technology and close all exterior doors.


Let us know if we can be of any help!

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