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Rent the Kulttuurikellari Hall

Morning shift from 9 to 15:30,

evening shift from 16:00 to 21:30.

Hall rental:

Venue manager Matti Reivi, +358447991102

Kellari restaurant:

044 322 7077


Organize an event at Kellari!

Savonlinna Kulttuuri kellari ry rents Kulttuurikellari's hall and also makes it possible to organize free events in Kellari's restaurant. As a member of the association, you get a discount on prices.


Package 1 "Potato Cellar"

•Space rent

•Instructions for the use of space and technology

•Visibility of the Kulttuurikeller event in the calendar (website, Facebook, seasonal poster and flyer)

•Volunteer security

•Poster visibility in the windows of Kulttuurikellari


•Membership price €200


Package 2 "Cultural Cellar"

Package 1. services +

•Use of musical instruments and amplifiers

•Announcement of the event on the Visit Savonlinna website, and local newspapers

• Social publication according to Kulttuurikellari's look on Kulttuurikellari's Instagram and Facebook (post+story)

•Using the cash register


•Membership price €300


Package 3 "Wine Cellar"

The 1st and 2nd services of the package +

•Paid social media marketing (Instagram+Facebook)

•Poster distribution in Savonlinna

•Sound technician

•Video recording and recording of the event

•Volunteer sales of ancillary products and tickets

•Payment card option

•Arrangement of the hall's furniture

•Presentation of the cultural cellar


•Membership price €700

Additional discounts: For events organized during the year

•At least 10 events. -10% discount on the following

•At least 15 events. -15% discount on the following

•At least 20 events. -20% discount on the following

Reservation principles 

The room reservation must be confirmed no later than 30 days before the event. If the room reservation is canceled less than 30 days before the agreed date, the rent will be charged in full. 

If you or the operator you represent has a need for regular, longer-term rental of space, please contact us and we will negotiate the price.

As a Kulttuurikellari member, the rent is cheaper - it's worth joining! If the proceeds of the event you organize are assigned to an association or company, pay the community membership. If you rent space as a private person, pay the personal membership.


Included in the rent

  • independent use of audio equipment, light technology and video projector

  • information on our website and Facebook

  • basic cleaning of premises

  • voluntary security

If necessary, please take care of the following matters (not included in the rent)

  • information about the event in local newspapers and their spending tips

  • delivery of event information to the website

  • organizing ticket sales on site

  • sound and lighting technician during the event

  • music usage licenses (

  • distribution of posters or flyers

In addition:

  • the restaurant always serves during events

  • Please note that Kulttuurikellari does not have a supervised bar

  • during the event, you can arrange the furniture in the hall as you wish, as long as you move them back to their place when you leave

  • Kulttuurikellari is registered EU Disability Card event

  • At the end of the event, the power of the stage technology is turned off from separately marked switches, the devices are left in the same settings as they were when they arrived, and all used equipment is returned to its proper place. The instructions have been drawn up to make the use of the space and equipment as smooth as possible. Failure to follow the instructions will result in a 50 percent increase in the hall usage fee.

  • Note! The end time of the performances in the hall is at the latest at 21:30,  exceptions must always be agreed separately.

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