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An evening out in a personal milieu


Welcome to Kulttuurikellari's restaurant! The evening restaurant is located in the center of Savonlinna at the corner of Olavinkatu and Kalmarinkatu and operates at the main entrance of the former Linnanhov cinema, built in the 40s. The cozy and unpretentious atmosphere invites you to enjoy, in addition to drinks and food, the versatile cultural and event offerings of Kulttuurikellari.


The restaurant's selection includes e.g. quality wines, local beer, specialty coffees, brewed tea and tasty food in the spirit of an evening meal. Changing sweet pastries are also available. You might also find the best cocoa in town in the cellar!


Kulttuurikellari's restaurant is open five days a week and also always in connection with events. The kitchen closes about half an hour before closing time. For dining groups of more than five people, it's good to reserve a table and make advance orders!

Exceptions in opening hours during summer time and on holidays.

The Kellari restaurant:

044 322 7077

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