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Wed, 07 Dec


Olav's Jazz Association

Olavin Jazz- Aleksis Liukko Trio

The end of Olav's Jazz autumn season 2022! Aleksis Liukko (piano), Mikael Saastamoinen (bass), Okko Saastamoinen (drums). Note! The concert starts at 8 p.m.

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Olavin Jazz- Aleksis Liukko Trio
Olavin Jazz- Aleksis Liukko Trio

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07 Dec 2022, 20:00

Olav's Jazz Association


Tickets €20/€18 in advance

and at the door half an hour before the concert.

The Aleksis Liukko trio will release their debut album in December 2022. In addition to pianist Aleksis Liuko's fresh compositions, the album includes slightly older material from the past ten years, as well as one creation of the band's bassist. In 2019, Aleksis Liukko graduated from the University of Gothenburg with a master's degree in music. He calls e.g. Sointi Jazz Orchestra and Laura Annika Quartet, for which he has also composed and arranged music.

Bassist Mikael Saastamoinen (e.g. Perussastamala, Katu Kaiku, Linda Fredriksson) and drummer Okko Saastamoinen (e.g. OK:KO, SIR GARRISON, Arppa) are among the top Finnish musicians of the moment. They bring strong joint playing and natural musical communication to the trio. The African-American musical tradition can be heard and the skillful approach to improvisation also creates Nordic and vividly colorful atmospheres.

The event is organized by: Olavin Jazz association. In cooperation with Nova Records Oy & Savonlinnan Kulttuurikellari ry.

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