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Sat, 25 Feb


Soruto Festival, Nova Records

Soruto Festival - Concert dance

Tango, waltz, hop, etc. with skill and feeling!

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Soruto Festival - Concert dance
Soruto Festival - Concert dance

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25 Feb 2023, 18:00

Soruto Festival, Nova Records


V Suruto Festival continues with old-time concert dances, which had to be moved from Loppiainen to the fold of the winter holidays. There will be two sets of tango, waltz, hump, etc. with skill and feeling! The program mainly includes Finnish tangos - e.g. a previously unperformed Toivo Kärje production from the Hopeakuvastin album released in May 2022 by the TangoMaestro Orchestra and the Savonlinna Choir I Savonlinna Choir Festival. Come for a spin on the parquet or otherwise just enjoy the concert. Note! On the parquet floor of the culture cellar, you can spin best with socks on!

Vocal soloists Arja Ruha (Äänekoski) and Oiva Makkonen (Joutseno) are the winners of the national TangoMaestro tango singing competition 2021-2022. The Savonlinna Choir is a mixed choir that strives for high quality, originally founded as the Savonlinna Opera Festival Choir. church music works by G.Puccini – Messa di Gloria, C.Saint-Saëns – Christmas Oratorio and G.Rossini – Petite Messe solenne as well as Oskar Merikanno's opera The Death of Elina, which will be performed in Mikaelissa Mikkeli and Savonlinna Hall in March 2023. into an orchestra. The ensemble, consisting of six professional musicians from different parts of Finland, has since recorded several records and performed in different parts of Finland as soloists, e.g. The finalists of the TangoMaestro tango singing competition, Matti Olavi Taskinen and Eino

Grön. Toivo Kärje's son, Finnish light music expert Kalervo Kärki has compared the orchestra to the playing of the best dance orchestras of the 1950s and 60s.

Vocal soloists Arja Ruha (TangoMaestro 2022) and Oiva Makkonen (TangoMaestro 2021) as well as the Savonlinna Choir and TangoMaestro Orchestra: Susanna Mieskonen-Makkonen (violin), Kirsi Laamanen (accordion), Matti Makkonen (music arrangement & conductor, cello), Juha Eskelinen (guitar), Petri Herranen (piano) & Esko Kauppinen (double bass).

Note! Start time at 18:00. Duration about 2 hours (incl. interval).

Tickets: €20/€18 at the door half an hour before and in

In cooperation with: Savonlinna choir, Savonlinna Kulttuurikellari ry, TangoSawo

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