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  • Where can I get tickets for events?
    Ask for tickets directly from the event organizer. In most cases, the event information also tells about the possibility of booking. Savonlinna Kulttuurikellari ry does not issue admission tickets to events. The event organizer's ticket sales at the door of the hall usually start one hour before the start of the event. Tickets are only sold at the Kellari restaurant counter for events organized by the Kellari restaurant, i.e. Kulttuurihanat ay.
  • I want to come and perform at Kellari! / Take this artist to a gig!
    Cool! The main task of Savonlinna Kulttuurikellari ry is to maintain the space, take care of it and rent it to event organizers. So we are unable to respond to individual performer inquiries. Events at Kellar are organized by numerous local entities and individual event organizers. Kellari's restaurant also organizes events at Kulttuurikellari. If possible, we can help you find a suitable event organizer, or you can organize the event yourself! Read more on the Space reservation tab. In practice, you pay the rent to Kulttuurikellari and you can keep the income from the entrance tickets.
  • Is the space accessible?
    The restaurant area of the Kulttuurikeller is completely accessible and can be accessed directly from the main door. There is a toilet for the disabled. Other spaces will be modified in the future as far as possible. Kulttuurikelari is a two-story space with a stage, permanto, several staircases and a rising grandstand. Barrier-free access cannot be guaranteed everywhere. ​ It is already possible to walk to the hall side with assistance from the courtyard side via a few steps. You can let us know ( / 044 799 1102) what event and what time you will arrive, and help will be arranged!
  • Does the Basement have PA equipment?
    The culture cellar has basic sound reproduction equipment (speakers, mixer, microphones). If necessary, contact us, ask in more detail and tell us about your audio needs:
  • Can I bring my own coffee and food services to my event, and what about alcoholic beverages?"
    Kulttuurihanat ay is responsible for serving alcohol in Kulttuurikellar's restaurant and hall. Drinking your own alcoholic beverages is unfortunately not suitable at all. Meals can be negotiated with the restaurant, several different options can be arranged.
  • Can drinks be taken to the hall side?
    Of course! It is even recommended. The Kulttuurikellari hall is also a serving area and you can freely enjoy food and drinks there. We only hope that no drinks are consumed in the rising stands.
  • Is Kulttuurikellari open when there are no events?
    Yes! The restaurant in Kulttuurikelari serves according to normal opening hours. Information on exceptional and summer opening hours is provided e.g. On our Facebook page.

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